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Tips to make a Perfect Combo of Text and Images!

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Tips to make a Perfect Combo of Text and Images!

The life of the designers is full of struggles and one after the other they have to fight and win to enjoy the best outcomes. web Designing is never joining the bits and pieces, and adding colors the way you want. In fact, it is a deep concept that needs to be understood in the best possible way and adding as much creativity and uniqueness as possible. Looking for new and better ideas is what the designers do all the day and when it comes to the combination of text and images altogether you need to be very smart at this task. The concept where attracts a number of people also takes a lot of efforts and hard work, therefore following the tips below will surely help making you design a great attraction.

Keep the Touch of Contrast Obvious

When you are placing the text over any image you need to keep a close check over the colors. You can’t place the text in the same color as that of the image or else the entire concept will get dull and the text will turn out to be unreadable. Therefore keeping the touch of contrast in your designs is a must. You must use a contrasting color of text in combination to the image so that the text becomes obvious.

Text and Image Go Hand in Hand

Make sure you keep the text and image aligned altogether rather than scattered. It is always suggested that when you make the use of text and image at one time it is better that you make the text appear as a part of the image. This way your creativity will show up at its best and the text as well as the image both will be noticed perfectly.

Go with Blurring

While working with the image and the text altogether sometimes you need to blur the image in order to make the text appear clearly. You can either blur the entire image with less intensity or a part of the image which ever suits at its best. It will enhance the beauty and appearance making the entire concept look natural.

Keep the Text Big

Keeping the text big is also an option to consider, you can make your text appear bigger in size over the image as it will make it much better and appealing. Moreover, the text also becomes more readable as well.

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