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Things to Consider for Blog s Layout Design

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Things to Consider for Blog s Layout Design

Recently, I got caught up with the task of changing my company’s blog theme and selecting the perfect one out of hundreds available templates on the internet, which totally goes with the requirements and usage of our blog. This task seemed quite simple at start, like choosing a theme for your smart phones, but when I started to work on it, I realized it’s not that easy.

Whether you are starting a blog of your own or handling company’s blog, its first look has to be perfect in all aspects that includes layout, readability, color scheming, font and all those things that are noticeable in the first sight.

“Looks” are very important, either you talk about a person, blog, a shop or schools, because it’s the very first step towards attain your audience, if you are able to make first good impression then yes, luck will be at your side.

Here are few basic things that you should consider when choosing a blog theme/design:

Consider your blog’s genre:

It’s very important to know what your blog is about because if you need to display your product like photography or clothing etc. then make sure the theme you are selecting will display the product prominently, likewise, if you are aiming to promote your written material then pick a design that is simple and emphasize on your content.

Easy Navigation:

The process of wandering and landing from page to page easily is called easy navigation, which means someone who opens your blog should be able to move around easily. All the important tools should be at hand and reader should not find any difficulty in finding them, for example, I visited a blog and liked their content but unfortunately I had quite difficulty in finding the “share” button, so I left it, which definitely was a loss for that blog because their good content was not shared.


Breathing space is very important in every design, your blog’s elements should not over crowd or overlap each other. There should be enough empty and balanced space to ease the eyes of the reader.

Color Scheming:

Colors play very significant part in any design. Choosing right color schemes can win the situation. If you aren’t sure what color will go with your theme, simply search colors for your product in Google and it will suggest you schemes. For example, if you are writing about kids then fresh and baby colors are required and if blog is about nature or travel go for refreshing and earthy colors like green, yellow, brown etc.

Complete Information:

Every blog must contain information like “contact us” and author’s biography. It helps in letting people know that it’s a good credible blog.

Use of best pictures:

Try to use images of your own, sometime downloaded images can become problematic due to copyright issues. So it’s better to buy them from their owner before using them. Besides, images should be high resolution and complement your overall blog. Good pictures always give best impression.


Font should be neat and clear so that reader can easily read your content and provided information. Selection of font size, color and style can become a time taking task but it’s worth it.

In the end, I would simply say, believe in the power of “first impression” and start working on simple things to stand out of the crowd and to get on the road of success.

This post is open for comment, critique and debate. I’d love to hear from you.

Author’s Bio:

A keen observer, writer and creative minded, Arzoona Khalid is a successful young entrepreneur, owns a Facebook clothing page,Uptown. She is also working as Business Development Executive and Blogger at BrightSpyre.

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