Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Take a brief look at the terms and conditions of Imagiacian before signing any contract with us. Here is a complete list of our legal terms that you should go through before availing of our services. It is essential for your security and ours as well. 

Imagiacian offers multiple services that expand over a wide range. So there may be some terms and conditions that do not apply to those who have no connection with that particular service.

Purpose of Imagiacian

We aim to provide high-tech and customized web design and development services, digital marketing, and logo and branding services. Our results-driven services aim to provide you with unique websites that ensure a strong online presence for you. Our digital marketing services strive to generate ROI-driven results for your business and to market your brand values to your target audience effectively.

Contractual terms

You can sign many contracts as Imagiacian wants to offer various services, so we have listed all terms and conditions specific to each service.

General terms

  • Before signing any contract, you should be at the age of 18 or you should be at the age of majority where you reside. 
  • We can modify our terms and conditions when it is necessary and you are supposed to follow those terms once we post it. 
  • You can not bribe or force us to promote any illegal or unethical products, services, or businesses that are against any national law, race, or nation. 
  • This agreement is between you and us, so you cannot copy, replicate, or exploit anything related to our service. You may do it after getting written permission or signed consent by us. 
  • You agree to Imagiacian’s discretion as to the method of offering Imagiacian’s services about the website design & development, logo & branding, digital marketing, hosting, and publication of the content. 
  • You agree that the Imagiacian does not offer any legal consultation or recommendation regarding the laws or requirements that apply to your use or for any of the end-users.    
  • In any situation, if any clause of our terms and conditions becomes invalid then it will not affect any other clause that is present in our terms and condition. 
  • All terms and conditions shall apply to the benefits of both concerning parties with their legal representatives. 
  • We do not offer any dispute resolution in any circumstances. We will individually sort out the issues or we can also take matters to the court.

Website Design and Development Terms

Imagiacian offer website design and development services, all the terms and conditions related to these services are clearly described to avoid any future conflict or disagreement.        

  • Before starting the work, it should be clear that we are going to sign a written contract in which important points will be listed. We will follow the same without any disagreements. If there is any change in the contract, we will decide mutually and agree to it with our signatures.
  • We will notify you about your work via emails, texts, phone calls, or our Project Management software. We will decide by mutual consultation. 
  • We will give you complete access to our CMS. We will also provide you the user access, so you can set your login and password to manage your website from the back-end system. 
  • We are not going to be responsible after giving you the user access to your website.

Digital marketing

Imagiacian offers digital marketing services that have nothing to do with any other services. SEO services are part of our digital marketing service. It includes efforts of content strategists, graphic designers, and SEO experts. 

The following provisions are linked to our services. 

  • We are going to publish content after your approval. Our content strategists are not going to take any responsibility for any loss that arises out of our content.     
  • You agree that Imagiacian shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that arises due to our posted content i.e text or image.


All our products and services are directed to payments as analyzed by Imagiacian. If you want to avail of our services then you are required to make payment as per the contract. There are the following terms and conditions related to payments. 

  • We hold the right to change our cost anytime by notifying you. 
  • All taxes are applied to each payment that is applied by the tax regulatory authorities, so you are also liable for payment of all applicable taxes that are related to your use of the website. 
  • You agree to pay some portion of the total payment in advance. That payment will not be refundable until we suspend or quit the project. 
  • You agree to pay us in phases. Each phase will not start unless you do not pay for the last phase that is completed. This payment is also not refundable until we suspend or leave the project.

Limitation of liability

You are not going to hold us accountable or any of our employees, managers, or client for the damage that occurs due to the interruption of our services. Under applicable law and no situation, you cannot hold us responsible if you are not able to use your website due to any mistake or error.

Warranty Disclaimer

You agree that the use of your website that is taken from us shall be at your own risk. We offer our services without any kind of warranties. We do not assure you that our services are completely perfect, accurate, or appropriate for you and your end-users. You agree that you are liable in case of any negative result.

Contact us

If you have any query related to these terms and conditions, you can ask us via phone call: +923073337310 or email: