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Samsung Readies Galaxy Alpha War with iPhone 6

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Samsung Readies Galaxy Alpha War with iPhone 6

Samsung is planning to launch an innovative, high end Smartphone next month that will be developed for taking on the iPhone 6. Recently, Samsung is operating on the device considered as the Galaxy Alpha that it is planning to launch in August while Samsung is interested to attain the handset out to storing shelves before Apple that has the predictability to announce the rumored iPhone 6. The Galaxy Alpha is the latest in the long line of potential names of innovative Samsung device; it is argued that Samsung is working on the higher end Smartphone in comparison to Flagship Galaxy S5 which is launched in April. In accordance to ET news source, the galaxy alpha will be a mixture between the Galaxy S5 and Samsung Phablet. Samsung is working on the Galaxy S5 prime and Galaxy F while coming with the similar high end features mentioned.

Samsung and Apple are waging a war in the mobile space as both organizations continue for selling millions of devices each quarter incorporated while the organizations are doing quite well producing efficiently which is about over hundred percent of the Smartphone industry profit after losses from other organizations that are considered into account. Detailing on the innovative Smartphone handsets that are slim at the point considered in the article that the company is expected in the coming months for unveiling perhaps two innovative iPhone which will be slim to the point. In the upcoming weeks, Samsung is predictably during the period of IFA 2014, unveiling the innovative high end Smartphone technologies termed as Galaxy Alpha which is aimed to have in the marketplace ahead of the Apple iPhone 6. Apple is believed to be working on two high end Smartphone devices including 1704 x 960 resolutions. The California technology giant is considered to be breaking away from the 4 inch screen that has dominated towards the last few generation of iPhone. In order to compete with Apple iPhone 6, Samsung will be replacing its conventional faux leather back with the metal chassis.

The Smartphone is expected to be Functioning the latest snapdragon 805 chipset, where the Samsung galaxy alpha is the android powered Smartphone with metal Chasis which is reported that phone that has a 5.3’’ Quad HD display while delivering 4.7” Full HD, which is turned out to that Galaxy Alpha will have two version with two different screen sizes which is considered at Apple iPhone 6.

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