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Reasons for Opening Your Own Ecommerce Website

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Reasons for Opening Your Own Ecommerce Website

It is only natural for anyone to start selling his products and services on the platforms of giant portals like eBay or Amazon as it is both easy as well as convenient. However, when you have tasted success and gained experience after some time, it is time to start your own online store. You can not only interact with your customers in a more meaningful manner through your own store but also gain in terms of creating a distinct brand identity of your own. You also get an opportunity to customize the features of your ecommerce website to make it tailor made for your own specific requirements. But how do you know the time is ripe to start your own online store.


The Cost of Staying With eBay or Amazon is Eating Up Your Profits


It is an open secret that eBay and Amazon charge too high money to allow you to sell products from their platforms. These giant platforms make money by charging a commission as high as 15% on every single financial transaction conducted using their infrastructure. Why not save this money to finance the growth and expansion of your own business rather than letting it go down the drain? 15% commission does not sound much when you are just starting out. But when you start selling products in large numbers, you end up paying thousands of dollars to these portals that you can save and add to your own bank account when you start your own online store.


Diversification Demands a Store of Your Own


Rather than trying to fit in the business model of the platform offered to you by eBay or Amazon, it is prudent to have a customized online store that fits your specific requirements like a T. You do not have to wait for monthly sales of $10000 to think in terms of your own online store these days. In fact, you can hope to have en ecommerce website of your own with monthly fees starting from as low as $25 to $200 for complex and full scale E-commerce portals. You control not just the design and the fees of the store but also get the right to decide who advertises on the store.


Switch to Your Own Online Store Once Sales Touch a Plateau


It is of course very comfortable and convenient with the infrastructure of giant E-commerce portals to sell your products. But there comes a time when you sense that sales are becoming flat and there is no further growth or improvement. This is when it is necessary to start your own online store to tap the untouched markets across the world.


It is Good For Your Own Brand Identity


Selling products under the umbrella of eBay and Amazon is good for the startups but there comes a time when you have to make the transition and think about creating a distinct brand identity for your business. It is like telling your customers to find your business through another website when you can have your own E-commerce portal.

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