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Maximizing Keyword Spread for Advanced Ecommerce SEO

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016

Maximizing Keyword Spread for Advanced Ecommerce SEO

Though SEO itself is tricky job it is even trickier when you are doing it for an advanced ecommerce site. A feature which distinct ecommerce website SEO from an ordinary website is that the former has multiple products listed on it. 

This situation therefore, asks for keyword optimization which enables search engine to know the products you are offering on your ecommerce website to list these in the search results. The below article will take a look into how maximizing the keyword spread can boost Ecommerce SEO. 

Keyword Spread

The keyword spread is the very instrument that offers ecommerce websites an optimal manner to increase their keyword opportunity through listing all possible keywords associated with their website. This helps brings out your website in the search engine results for all the products you are offering. 

Risks Associated with Keyword Spread

However, before you take advantage of the keyword spread by carrying out keyword research using Google keyword tool etc. it is important to know the two distinct risks associated with keyword spread.

Diluted Audience 
Diluted SEO 

Let’s take a look into what is meant by each of these 

Diluted Audience 

The more your keywords spread the more is the number of audiences that you are able to attract to your website. However, this increased number of visitors to your website is certainly not likely to translate into an equal increase in your sales figure as many of these visitors may be in the early stages of the conversion funnel and may not have come to your website with the intention to buy. 

Diluted SEO

Diluted SEO is another outcome of the keyword spread. Though a certain product on your website may receive more traffic thus having a positive effect on your SEO ranking another product that fails to receive adequate traffic may have an adverse impact in your SEO ranking. Therefore, the more keyword spread you have on your website the more vulnerable you are to the diluted SEO risk. 

How to Obtain Better Rankings and Boost Sales with Keyword Spread

The following keyword spread techniques will help you minimize the risk associated with Keyword spread and make the most out of it 

One Keyword per Page

Stuffing a page with multiple keywords makes it difficult for Google to optimize and index that page for even a single keyword. It is because the presence of multiple keywords on a single page, leave the Google bolts at a loss to identify the keyword for the given page. Therefore, make sure each page on your ecommerce website has only one keyword embedded in it. 

Conversion Funnel and Paying Attention to Context and Semantic 

Customers go through four stages of conversion funnel awareness, interest, desire and action. The awareness stage entails the customer merely seeking to obtain information while the interest stage witnesses the customer developing an interest in the product. 

Similarly, the desire stage has the customer develop an interest in buying the product while the action is the final stage where the customer ends up making the purchase.

Expand your contextual and semantic search to gain knowledge about the keywords the users use at the different stages of the conversion funnel so they may land at the right page of your website and therefore, you are able to make the most of the traffic coming to your website. 


Therefore, if you also have an ecommerce website, take advantage of the keyword spread to improve search engine rankings and obtain more traffic to your site. However, while you maximize the keyword spread, make sure you pay due attention to the above mentioned techniques to minimize the associated risk and reap the maximum SEO benefits.

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