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iPhone 6 Launch on September 9

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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iPhone 6 Launch on September 9

The iPhone 6 release date momentum is set for September 9 means today, an ideal Tuesday at the starting of the month, which fits perfectly with the level of the recently announced iOS 8.

What to Anticipate

It’s certain that new iPhone will be released along with an iWatch device that apple received a right for back in July. Apple will introduce few new things which have been in kept heavily under conspiracy of silence until now.

The conference venue Flint Center has not been used since the time of iPhone 5 announce date and the original Mac computer earlier than that. The venue is a lot bigger then what company usually uses for conferences, property about 2,045 seats; signifying apple might launch its new products with a huge audience and more exposure than natural.

The main speech will likely include appearances of Apple CEO and Senior vice Presidents naming Tim cook and Craig Federight, whom likely will take the stage at the conference. if we got lucky, the crew might throw in some dad jokes which will make us laugh.

Latest Features

It’s a rumored that two version of iPhone 6 will be released; what everyone is desperately waiting for. One that will be 4.7 inches and other might be 5.5 inches which will be called either the iPhone 6L or iPhone Air, rumored had it that new features include sapphire glass, which is about 7 time as expensive as the gorilla glass used on previous iPhone. And a material that is stronger. Power button will be moving to side of the phone; and some small updates in Siri voice command system.

The body will be sport curved glass similar to the newest iPad design. According to a rumor iPhone 6 will include new faster WiFi chip, a touch ID fingerprint sensor, an A8 processor, 13 pixel camera.

If Apple follows its tradition cycles, then iPhone will be available within 10 days after the announcement. There’s a rumor that 5.5 inch Phablet will be launch later in the year.


Cost if iPhone 6 is still a secret, and there is no way to pinpoint exactly how much the cost will be. Expert opinion is that cost will be around $100 dollar or more than the 5S when it was revealed in the market last year mainly because of Sapphire glass. If the glass is not affecting then however price could drop considerably.

Be ready smartphone junkies. As the biggest phone of this year is almost here, and you can watch it released today.

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