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How Localization of your Apps Can Help You Get More Users

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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How Localization of your Apps Can Help You Get More Users

Since the Apple app store now has its presence in over 150 countries and in 40 languages, it is time for the developers to take advantage of the global audience and take this opportunity to reach out to new users. This blog will take a look into the cases of a few companies who have achieved tremendous success with the successful internalization of their app and how localization of your apps can help you get more users.

One of the most successful cases is that of Eurosport that has achieved immense success with localization of its app in various languages. This can be proved from the fact that in a brief period of mere two years the Eurosport iPad and iPhone apps have been downloaded for more than 4.7 million times. This immense success that the business has garnered in this brief period of time can be attributed to their content besides the availability of their interface in 10 languages as it has allowed their apps to transcend and rise above the national boundaries and reach out to the global sports fan base.

According to the business official, the success behind the localization of the app is to adapt it in accordance with the country and the language. This, in turn, includes the translation of the narrative and making sure that you use the correct time and date formats along with using the correct keyboard. It is also important to not here that Apple provides as much as 50 international keyboards.


For making use of these adaptations businesses have the facility to take help of the specialized companies. To facilitate businesses in this aspect Apple has also provided a list of the third party localization vendors. Let’s take a look into the top five of these.

ICan Localize


Specializes in translation for Android phones, iPhone and websites while the pricing is.09 USD/ word



Based in San Francisco it specializes in localization of mobile apps for Google Play and Apple App Store. While the business also proposes copywriting for press release and app description the pricing it offers .21USD/word


Loc Team


It specializes in IOS and Mac localization since 1990 and proposes localization for iOS apps along with Mac software.

One Sky


One sky specializes in providing tool that helps you audit your app localization while the pricing being.10 USD/word.

Local Eyes


The business claims that it renders your product local so you may go global. Though the business does not provide the facility of prior pricing yet you can request for a free quote.

Time and Measurement Units

Apple, in iOS 8, provides improved and enhanced API for the purpose of managing localization. To be more precise they have not overlooked the possibility to display time in different languages. Besides they also offer the ability to manage mass, length and energy for various languages.

App Store Optimization

Adapting the app to a new culture along with the language can only be deemed as the first step towards the internalization process. Besides, it is a must have if you want to increase your reach to users in foreign countries. What you need to do is to adapt your title and your description first and foremost before you go for the keywords in the new language to boost your visibility. Remember, that screenshots and video trailer may also require the updating of their text.

Choosing the Title and Description

Description is deemed as the easiest part since even a simple translation may suffice as a description. However, we suggest that you consider giving the person responsible for translation a little freedom to translate it in the new language. We also suggest that you practice utmost care and caution while you are choosing the title and make sure that you incorporate the relevant keywords in the new language.

Now let’s take a look into how to incorporate the keywords. We suggest that you select a keyword with low competition and high volume. While the volume is related to the number of searches that is carried on in reference with a particular keyword competition in this context is referred to as the number of apps that match the keyword. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that getting the right volume may prove to be difficult as Apple does not provide any official data regarding the search volume.

Beware of the Auto Translation

It would also be important to mention here that the keyword volume is dependent on language and country. However, be beware of the auto translation as it may lead to poor keywords and you may also find yourself having no clue of the competition and volume of the translated keywords. We hope that you find this blog useful and localize your apps to derive utmost advantage of it.

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