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Drupal 8 Master Content Not Just Manage it

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016

Drupal 8 Master Content Not Just Manage it

Drupal is one of the most popular content management system being used by millions of websites around the world. The latest version of Drupal, Drupal 8.0.0 has just been released in beta form. This has been done to test the system and also to receive feedback form the users. According to the team behind Drupal, this first beta of Drupal is a result of hard work and dedication of more than 2300 individuals who have worked to produce more than 11500 patches for 15 alpha releases. Special mention must be made of more than 200 contributors who worked relentlessly to fix 177 bugs and other issues.

Many new features in Drupal 8

The release of Drupal 8 is going to change the way in which admins and other website owners manage content on websites. Drupal team is calling its new creation as the most customizable Drupal yet. The following are the most salient features of Drupal 8.


  • Capacity to handle multiple languages
  • Add content and customize it to be displayed in the manner you want over different devices
  • New tools to configure management
  • Allows easy customization of the front page
  • Better and easy mark ups using HTML5
  • Many web services that are built-in
  • Theming is fast and fun filled
  • Allows easy and fast access


Drupal team wants top proceed with caution as the final release date has yet not been finalized. There are plans to release several more beta forms after this release to deal with the bugs and other issues. The team wants to make sure that the final product has improved performance and great stability. At present, more than 97 issues have been identified and Drupal team wants to make sure there are no issues once Drupal 8 is finally released.


Advantages of Drupal 8


According to the team behind Drupal 8, it is going to be one CMS that will make friends with everyone that meets it. It is not only very easy to use but it also simplifies digital experience by making content authoring child’s play. Drupal 8 has an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor that will make business and technical users fall in love with this new and revolutionary content management system.


Allows creation of responsive websites


One big advantage of Drupal 8 is that it is mobile focused. This means that this CMS is 100% responsive web design and allows website owners to create content and publish it without having to worry about the size of the monitor of the device. This is not all as you get a preview of how the content will look on differently sized mobile devices right from your own desktop.


Easy to use for web developers also


Drupal 8 has been designed keeping in minds of the web developers also. It incorporates all the latest PHP techniques and migration tools to make it suitable for all platforms. Drupal 8 can easily be integrated with other platforms. Multilingual capabilities make it the first choice of programmers around the world.


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