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Your corporate-identity represents your business, its culture and your values at a glance.

What is a Corporate Identity?

represents your business, its culture and your values at a glance. It needs to be easily identifiable and must make an impact in the viewer’s mind. At Imagician UK, our goal is to ensure that your corporate identity is what comes to a potential consumer’s mind when they are making purchasing decisions.

Benefits of a strong Corporate Identity?

A corporate identity will help you build your business in many ways. It will help strengthen your brand by creating a powerful message behind it. Consumers will also spread the word about your corporate identity as they will be able to recall it easily. Potential consumers will be able to recognize your company straight away with a strong corporate identity. This will help brand recall and provide mouth to mouth advertising.

A strong corporate identity also ensures that your marketing and PR team s are able to work that much more efficiently and effectively. Your corporate identity will allow those departments to streamline all communication to simultaneously build on and use the strength of your corporate identity. 

What makes a corporate identity in UK?

Your corporate identity will be the sum of several different parts. For example, the logo, it colours and typography all come together to form the corporate identity. Our parts include a website, social media interaction, company letterhead, business card formats and many more. All the parts must be similar enough that a consumer is able to recall your corporate identity in its totality just by looking at one of the parts.  By ensuring that all the parts come together just perfectly, Imagiacian UK will be able to help you build a lasting impression on all stakeholders with a unique and unified corporate identity.

How can Imagiacian help you build a Corporate Identity?

Imagiacian UK has several different services designed to help you build or improve your corporate identity.  This includes custom logo designs where can build or improve your logo using unique and creative ideas designed to help you stand out. We can also integrate your corporate catalog to match the logo and general look of your corporate identity. Other services include building from scratch or improving the look of your business cards, label designs, graphic ad developments UK, letterheads and envelopes, and custom graphics.

Our team of skilled professionals will work with your team to ensure that the final product is a cohesive and strong corporate identity designed to help you stand out from your competition. Our teams have won most creative design awards and will be looking to apply that award winning creativity to your corporate identity. They will also ensure that all of your events adhere to and contribute to the strength of your corporate identity by streamlining all presentation materials and trade show booth designs, if applicable.

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