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Essential Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Essential Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Effective use of social media can profit your business with an increase in the overall sales. Most businesses fail to give due time, resources and attention to their social media presence. Being an integral part of each consumer’s online habit, focusing on social media for marketing, extending customer service, gaining insights and building brand awareness can be produce great results.

Planning a social media strategy for your e-commerce website? Use the following tips to help you through:

1. Turn Your Customers into Your Brand Advocates

Engage you audience by giving them increased ease to view, review, recommend and rate your products and services. Incorporating social media into your e-commerce website can help increase the conversion to sales as it brings down necessary steps for registration. To do so, allow users to log-in using their social media profile and place social sharing buttons strategically placed on different pages. Simple social shares are endorsements by customers can be powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

2. Minimize the Promotional Content

Industry experts recommend using the 80:20 ratios when it comes to social media posts. Using 20% of the content for your promotion can be a smart strategy to keep the audience engaged. Add contests, tips, ideas and questions to encourage discussion on the page to interest your audience. Avoiding overselling can increase traffic and engagement on your social media platforms.

3. Be Visually Creative

Ecommerce Websites business selling on social media platforms gathers high support from visual presentations. Use of images for product portfolios, quotes, motivational messages, info-graphics and customer shared content/images can add to the appeal of the page and support your social media campaign. Creative use of these images can add to the appeal of the page and strengthen brand relationship with its customers.

4. Keep Improving and Refining Your Social Media Activities

Social media allows you to gather extensive information and insights regarding the brand and its performance. Give attention to your activities across different platforms and analyze the best time for posting, product popularity and the kind of content generating maximum engagement. Look out for the statistics and make a continuous effort to refine your social media activities to stay ahead of competition.

Utilize the above essential social media tips to improve upon your social media strategy. Focused and consistent efforts on what you have to offer would help you know your customers better and cater to their needs a lot more effectively.

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