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Awaited iOS 8 is Here

Imagiacian By Imagiacian Added: 16th August, 2016
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Awaited iOS 8 is Here

Apple has quietly released iOS 8. This latest operating system is meant to run Apple mobile devices like iPhones and iPad. For those who were expecting a radically different OS from its predecessor iOS 7 may be a bit disappointed as iOS 8 doesn’t look much different. This is not to say there are no new features in iOS8. In fact, there are many new and exciting features, but most features are in continuation and look like refinements of the features in iOS7. Many experts have touted iOS8 to be the operating system for the masses. Let us find out what this means and what iOS 8 holds in place for you.

How to Install

First of all, let us talk about installation. If you are not buying a brand new iPhone, it is possible for you to upgrade the operating system in your older iPhone6. You can also upgrade to iOS 8 even if you are using an iPhone 4S (but not iPhone 4) or an iPad after iPad 2. You have the option of downloading iOS on air and installing it or you can log in to iTunes to do the same. Before doing so, you must create a backup copy of the contents of your device and also leave enough space for the downloading of the new operating system. If you are making use of a Wi-Fi connection, just go to Settings and click on Software Update after going inside General. After clicking on Download and then Install, say yes to the terms and condition of Apple and you get the OS for free. If you want to upgrade to iOS using iTunes, connect the phone with your computer, log on to iTunes, and click on Check for Updates to download iOS8. It is 1.1GB in size, and it might take about an hour to download the files.

Important Feature of iOS 8

Keyboard improvements

If you have been using Android earlier, you will not notice anything but if you are an iPhone user, you will welcome predictive text feature given in iOS 8. This gives lots of convenience when you are texting to send a SMS or writing an email.

You can now take timed selfies and also record time lapse videos

This is a new feature that allows the user to record a new frame of a video after every 10 seconds. He can also use this feature to take a selfie after setting a time frame.

Monitor the apps that eat up your battery

There is a new feature in iOS 8 that allows you to see the apps that gobble up battery very quickly. You can turn these apps off to increase the life of your battery. To use this feature, you have to go to settings, and under the heading of General you would find Usage to check the culprit apps.

New upgrades for Notifications, Search, and SIRI

Search becomes easier as you just swipe down on the monitor to see selected Web results. SIRI has been given a facelift with Shazam added to it. This allows you to get to music tracks and TV shows using your voice. You can now look at an incoming message by pulling down the notification.

Camera and photo apps

There is now a feature of a timer on the camera button and also the feature to record videos in HDR when you want to. You can also adjust the focus and the exposure according to your liking.

Welcome family share

This is a new feature that allows you to create a family to share the purchases made by you from iTunes and Apple’s app store with other people.

Many functions made more accessible

Apple has made it easier and faster to dig into many functions and features of your phone. For example, you do not need to fumble and search for Bluetooth to turn it on or off as you can get inside Control Center with a single swipe.

Make voice calls more quickly

By double pressing Home button, you see the list of people who you contacted recently. You can also go into your favorite list with this action. This makes it easier for you to make a voice call.

Make payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a striking new feature in iOS. It makes use of NFC to allow the owner of the phone to make payments using his device at several outlets and stores. Just scan your credit card using the camera of the phone and then hold the phone close to the touch less payment system at a store. You also need to verify your fingerprints with the help of the fingerprint scanner of your camera.

Health kit and other apps

There are many new inbuilt apps in the new iOS 8. You may already know about them if you are an iPhone user. Among these, Health and Tips seem to be interesting while Podcasts and iBook may not have any real value for the user.


The best part of iOS 8 is that it supports continuity and extensibility. This means that all your apps that you were using with an earlier OS will continue to work on iOS8. Let us take a closer look at the design and features of iOS8. Nothing seems to have been reinvented, but there are many useful features that promise to enhance user experience. It is not that the monitor color will change or the phone will start to act in a funny manner. If anything, you should expect some new features and also a few new apps. In fact, there may be many who might not find any difference between iOS 7 and iOS 8. To help such people, Apple has the provision of tutorial in the form, of Tips to guide through the new features.

In the end, it would suffice to say that iOS 8 is not revolutionary in the sense that it does not change the design or software of your Apple device. But it nevertheless has the power to enhance your experience

while using your iPhone or iPad. There are many welcome features in this OS and on the whole iOS 8 is a positive step in the right direction.

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